Friday, January 29, 2010

Welcome to "Branching Out"

Welcome to "Branching Out," an on-line newsletter blog of Marshall's Tree Services Ltd. This blog is intended to provide readers with tips on how best to care for their trees, shrubs, and perennials. Blog posts will appear about once a month with information on the latest issues facing anyone interested in preserving the natural environment around our homes and businesses.

Facing Drought
As most people are aware, over the past few years, our plant materials have been negatively affected by severe drought. We all need to take measures to provide our trees, shrubs, and flowers with whatever help we can, in order for them to survive and flourish. Here are a few tips you might try:
  • when plowing or shoveling snow, be careful not to damage trees and shrubs. Use less salt when de-icing your walkways (salt can damage and even kill trees)
  • as soon as the snow melts and ground thaws, water your trees, especially where there has been little precipitation
  • mulch your trees as soon as the snow melts. Mulching retains moisture and provides nutrients.
Invasive Plants
Invasive plants can cause environmental and ecological degradation. We find them in natural areas, watersheds, and rangelands. Many can be found in urban backyards, as well. This spring and summer, don't encourage plants such as creeping bellflower, oxeye daisy, and common tansy in your garden. Avoid planting ornamentals with invasive tendancies. Avoid "wildflower mixes." Many contain non-native, aggressive plant species. For more information on what plants to avoid and what to substitute, see the Alberta Invasive Plants Council website (link provided below).

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